custom made to your specifications.

Please allow time for the planning and creation process. Place orders well in advance of when you require the finished piece.  Christmas orders must be placed by September 1st for guaranteed Holiday delivery. The majority of my work is custom made. However, I usually have some completed pieces available at any given time. Please contact me for a list of available items.  The following photos are examples of the various items I make.

What you should know before you order:

  • Prepayment (or deposit) is required before any work can begin.
  • FREE shipping to the US! For shipments outside the US, shipping charges are additional to the prices listed, and will be billed when order is shipped.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Sizes are approximate, they vary with each tartan pattern.
  • I use PayPal for all online orders.
  • I can also accept checks, or credit cards via Square. However, please phone me if you choose to use a credit card, rather than sending the card number through an email. See my Contact Details
  • I do accept deposits of 50% down, with the balance due prior to shipment. If you would like that as an option, please Contact Me
  • * I do not weave yardage for kilts  

Tartan Scarves (12″ x 70″)

Scarves are woven in 2/18 merino wool, 10/2 pearl cotton, 2/18 Zephyr (50% wool/50% silk), 10/2 bamboo and 8/2 tencel. Wool, cotton and Zephyr scarves are finished with a twisted fringe. The bamboo and tencel scarves are hem-stitched with a 2″ fringe. Hand wash or dry clean.

Bamboo yarns have a very limited color palette, so all the colors of your tartan may not be available. Please contact me for more information before placing an order for a bamboo scarf.

Bamboo Scarf


Cotton Scarf


Tencel Scarf


Wool Scarf


Zephyr Scarf


Tartan Sashes (10″ x 90″)

Woven in fine 20/2 pearl cotton or 2/20 worsted wool. Finished with a twisted fringe. Sashes can also be made in fine 2/24 Superwash merino wool. Note: limited colors in the 2/24 Superwash merino wool. Please contact me before placing an order for a sash in this fiber.

Cotton Sash


Superwash Sash


Wool Sash


Shawls (25″ x 80″) 

Woven in soft 2/18 merino wool or 10/2 pearl cotton. Finished with a twisted fringe. These shawls have a lovely drape. For the extra special occasion try a shawl in 2/18 Zephyr (50% wool/50% silk).

Cotton Shawl


Wool Shawl


Zephyr Shawl


Pillow Covers

Woven in pearl cotton and fully lined, they have a Velcro closure for easy removal for washing.

Pillow Cover – 14″


Pillow Cover – 16″


Kitchen Towels (16″ x 28″)

Woven in machine washable 8/2 unmercerized cotton. The towels are hemstitched with a short fringe. They hold up to years of use and can also be used as table runners or in breadbaskets. Very versatile. Tea towels can also be woven in a cotton/linen blend. Approximate size is 16″ x 28″ per towel.

Kitchen Towels – Set of 2


Kitchen Towels – Set of 4


Table Runners

Woven in pearl cotton or unmercerized cotton. Hand or machine washable. Hemstitched with a short fringe at each end. Runners can also be made in a cotton/linen blend.

Table Runner – 12″ x 24″


Table Runner – 12″ x 36″


Table Runner – 12″ x 48″


Table Runner – 12″ x 60″


Lap Blankets (40″ x 70″)

Woven in either 3/2 pearl cotton or 2/8 fingering weight worsted wool. These are small blankets perfect when reading or watching TV. Hemstitched with short fringe (cotton), twisted fringe (wool).

Cotton Lap Blanket


Wool Lap Blanket


Baby Blankets (30″ x 40″)

Woven in either 3/2 pearl cotton or 100% Superwash merino wool. Both are machine washable (gentle cycle) or hand washable. Finished with short fringe (cotton), twisted fringe (wool).

Some patterns are too large for weaving at 12epi in the merino wool. Those blankets must be woven at 15epi for $272.  Please contact me directly for additional information.

Cotton Baby Blanket


Wool Baby Blanket


Tea Cozies

Woven in 10/2 pearl cotton these cozies are filled with cotton batting and lined so they will keep your pot of tea nice and warm.

Tea Cozy


Tartan Samples

Woven in 2/18 merino wool for a soft, scarf-weight sample, or in 2/20 worsted wool for a sturdier kilt-like sample. Finished with a twisted fringe.

Tartan Sample – Merino Wool – 12″ x 24″


Tartan Sample – Merino Wool – 24″ x 24″


Tartan Sample – Worsted Wool – 12″ x 24″


Tartan Sample – Worsted Wool – 24″ x 24″